America's Royal Experience : HAPAWARDS

The Hollywood and African Prestigious Awards presented by I Dream 4 All foundation brings you a night of royalty. Hosting one of the most royal experiences in America, This event attracts A-list celebrities, world dignitaries, and over 1,500 audience members in attendance.

HAP is coordinated and delegated by a team of black women. A women's empowerment group who navigate a team of volunteers to put on one of the biggest cultural displays in America in the leading creative economy in the world, Los Angeles.

The audience are a group of diverse individuals educated and affluent leaders from both the United States and across the world. This gathering of highly skilled individuals having interest and disciplines spanning from tech, entrepreneurship, design, politics, entertainment, Music and Television.

The 2022 experience is largely cultivated in honor of Woman’s empowerment, not only, the inner cities— But on a global scale. This experience showcases and highlight African and Hollywood actors, entertainers, philanthropists, and international leaders on an annual basis.

The mission is to welcome businesses and provide sponsorship opportunities that could afford incredible earning opportunities to companies involved. Not only to acquire both short-term and life-long customers but a network of celebrities, leaders, and diplomats when promoted at their events. Highly publicized across all platforms, all parties involved are provided the chance to expand globally.

Following the events an account of the remaining donations is used to house disparaged women, single mothers and children in Africa. According to, HAP-Online, HAP honors hospitals and health systems for their innovation, creativity, and commitment to patient care through their annual Achievement Awards. The primary goal of the awards program is to showcase and share member hospitals’ and health systems’ innovations best practices.

An unseen benefit of Their growing audience and current volunteer teams allow the young to gain experience in show production and hospitality. Now we wait and see the new and coming opportunities provided by this prestigious movement in the years to come. To keep up with The GRIIIND of the HAPAWARDS follow by clicking button below or checking out

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