Entrepreneur ; You Know F.R.E.S.H

The IE’s high energy entrepreneur F.R.E.S.H’ aka You Know F.R.E.S.H is a super engaging artist, promoter and entertainer. Growing up in Inglewood till 11 years then relocating to Moreno Valley gave F.R.E.S.H the splash of isolation and diversity he needed to be truly one of a kind. His brand is FRESH FLIGHT 100 and clothing apparel is F.R.E.$.H stands for Fly Ready Everyday $tay Hustling. The Brand was cultivated by watching his father make clothing back when he was in high school! Once he learned the ropes of manufacturing, it was pretty official. He says his first purchase was from a friend, was the unleashing of a new level of production and passion for the ambitious artist. Now he’s in route according to that same plan he’s critiqued every year.

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