Resilient Rampage Jay

The resilient Rampage Jay was born in ATLANTA GEORGIA. After going to military and developing his name for being a stone cold obstacle machine. The Notorious Rampage Jay had an accident where he woke up in Grady memorial hospital. This crazy accident was a setback for an even crazier Kobe comeback.

After being hospitalized for 9 months he began his journey to more then just recovery. Rampage Jay became a hero for others going through similar experiences. I was completely amazed when I seen him do a one hand push up, this is something I’ve been working on for a while (LOL). Rampage Jay was just a nickname but it’s now the fuel and face of a legacy thats pushed him beyond measurable heights.

He began motivated and optimistic about working out when doctors told him he would only be able to go chair to chair. This recovery is completely unbelievable the guy can squat 600 pounds, let alone walk.

He says knowing that their are others out there that are physically and mentally incapable of doing the things that he THOUGHT He couldn’t do, gives him the motivation to go harder because his audience uses his consistency and persistence daily. Facing these type of challenges motivation is something that could switch in a heart beat he says.

His process is all about finding a way. It may look a little different than everyone else, but he’s getting it done. He achieves the same results as everyone else as long as He works hard and gives it his all. Muscle memory requires him to change things up a bit until he’s achieved the desired result.

Rampage Jay is looking forward to working with some of the influencers he’s see on IG getting after it daily. People like @Georgebamfojr




and one of his biggest inspirations Dewayne Johnson aka The Rock.

His sole purpose is to motivate those that are in the same or similar situations. People who’ve gone thru things and thought it was over. His message to them is  “you can go through something and get completely knocked down, knocked back, knocked out and completely shattered but you can get up and rebuild yourself with the right mindset. Not only can you get back to where you were before but you can be BETTER!”

Right now He’s elevating to the level God wants him at he says. To help Motivate those who has lost hope or just need that visibility to give them that final push. He’s been told ever since He’s come out his coma that he has a greater purposes and that God was not through with him yet. He says he’s now ready to be used to his full potential! To keep up the RAMPAGE JAY GRIIIND FOLLOW BY CLICKING BELOW

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